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The Collier Flat Rate Desktop software program has been available for over 11 years and is currently being used by over 1900 users in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

The user loads the software onto their local computer and can print and edit unlimited books anytime they want. Since the database stays on the computer or server, quicker access, exporting and importing is available.

Users can create their own books, create multiple books, applied specific regional filters that produce the best book for your market, create multiple databases, globally change prices of inventory or repairs, change one page or the whole book in seconds, place logos or photos of service on pages, and define tax strategies. Unlimited phone support is provided and the user can update any item themselves or pay for updates to inventory semi-annually.

Software and unlimited support is $2799 for a single site, single user system. Multiple user programs are available.


Easy Start

The Tech Report Wizard allows you to create a Flat Rate Book for your company in 7 easy steps requiring around 10 minutes.

You quickly can choose titles, headings, choice of columns, labor rates, material markups, repairs and departments.

Customize your reports with company logo, slogan, or other options, and you’re ready to print. You can create and see unlimited choices of Flat Rate Pricing Books for service, plumbing or replacements. If you are new to Flat Rate Pricing software, you are going to love this Wizard!

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Easy Customized Repair Form

If you want to customize your book, you have the ability to change, add or delete repairs in our program. Our Repairs Form allows you to add a new repair to the program in less than 30 seconds because you can access all information, including regions and inventory ,from this one form.

No moving between forms (screens). It’s fast, easy and the most efficient way to modify your flat rate book.

Repairs Screenshot

You'll Never Print a Repair you Don't Need

One unique feature of our Flat Rate product is the Regions Form.

Here you can move individual repairs into specific regional books that you create or choose from our pre-designed list.

Most programs let you move groups of Repairs, but our product lets you select the individual Repairs you want.

Repairs Screenshot