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Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate involves charging a customer for a job through an agreed price instead of itemizing the bill and charging time and material. A flat rate charge encompasses both time, travel, parts and materials for the job. Collier Flat Rate allows consistent billing, fewer math errors, pricing before we fix it, customer agreement and technician tracking.

Flat rate pricing is not new to the contracting industry. Flat rate began over 30 years ago and has helped many contractors and customers become more definitive about pricing jobs. Flat rate is really “average pricing”. The industry took the average time it took to do a particular repair in the field, then added the selling prices of the parts used plus tax. The total amount is called the Repair Price or flat rate price for the job. Some contractors call it the Contract Price.

Price Calculation

Instead of charging time in the home ($120 x 1.2 hours = Labor Total of $144) plus materials for the job (Part A = $22.00 + Part B = $28.00 = Total materials of $50) plus tax ($144 + 50 = $194 x .07 tax = $13.58 ) for a grand total of $144+50+13.58=$207.58, we charge a flat rate price.

Flat Rate Price Calculation

The flat rate price would be calculated the same, but is presented differently. We would open the Flat Rate Book and show the customer the Repair Price in the book of replacing Parts A+B for $207.58. We do not itemize time, do not itemize materials, and do not itemize tax, but grand total the value and put it in the book. The customer sees the total for the repair before we repair it, not after.

By showing the customer the price before we repair, we are actually getting the customer’s permission to repair the item and at an exact price. We do not charge per hour or per part, but by the repair itself. Many other companies use this type of pricing in buffet restaurants, oil change services, and the post office.

In addition to the repair price, most all contracting firms also charge the customer a service call or diagnostic fee to travel to their home and diagnose the problem.

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